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just got back from maine about an hour ago. it was ok. when im up… - josh

Jan. 1st, 2007 08:45 pm

just got back from maine about an hour ago. it was ok. when im up there i constantly eat cause it gets boring.
anyways i went up with my mom and david on thursday. was boring and went to bed at like 9. friday morning my grandparents came up and i did some work with my grandfather clearing trees that the beavers cut down (we will use them for fire wood) friday night my aunt and uncle came up. me and my grandfather watched ferris bueler's day off.
saturday cleared more trees, then my cousin and his wife came up. that night my neighbor was up with his friends, they are all seniors at natick high school. so i hung out with them till 1:30 in the morning. we mostly just talked and played video games. even though dan is my nieghbor i mostly talked with beth. she's wicked nice. they were all a pretty fun group. and apparently either mr. manseau is misleading us or natick high school didnt get the memo that we have to be in school a certain number of hours a day, because natick high has an open campus so they can leave for lunch and studies. 
sunday i went to sunday river with aunt uncle cousin and in-law. stayed up till  11:30 and then slept for 25 minutes, woke up for midnight where everyone in the living room wished everyone a happy new year and by 12:10am everyone was in bed, not a very big celebration.
today spent most of the day driving home in traffic.

so happy 2007. we graduate in 6 months

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